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Mapit is an add-on for JIRA that displays issues from your favourite JIRA filters in a map gadget, allowing you to see exactly where work needs to be done. 

Mapit also lets you search for an address, create issues directly from the map, and select issues in the map for further processing.

Getting started with Mapit for JIRA

 Release Notes

This release contains a new feature as well as some minor bugfixes and improvements. 

  • This version of Mapit will work on Jira 8 and above to 8.5 
  • Includes functionality for viewing ArcGIS data in Mapit
  • Minor bugfixes

Known issues:

  • This version is not compliant with Jira 7.x
    For users with Jira 7.x, please download Mapit v1.11

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